Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Governance

The executive board will promote the mission of the organization while fostering the health and growth of GPACAC 

  • 1.1 Develop, maintain and execute a short-term and long-term strategic plan

  • 1.2 Develop, maintain and execute a sustainable and robust leadership board & committee structure.

  • 1.3 On-going quality control to meet our organizational and structural needs.

  • 1.4 Develop, maintain, and execute a fiscally responsible strategic plan.

Goal 2: Access

GPACAC promotes access to success for all students in the transition to postsecondary education.

  • 2.1 Help members and policymakers understand and better serve an increasingly diverse and nontraditional student population.

    1. Providing access and information about the college application process regardless of socioeconomic status, location and school type.

    2. Provide interactive programming (e.g. College Fairs) for students to have more direct access to various colleges and universities

  • 2.2 Engage members, non-members and policymakers on issues relevant to our profession at national and state efforts.

  • 2.3 GPACAC will continuously evaluate and strengthen its current programs while exploring new opportunities to meet the needs of our membership.

    1. Provide programming that is accessible to different regions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma through in-person professional development opportunities as well as online.

Goal 3: Branding

GPACAC will continue to develop a consistent and professional message surrounding our organization’s mission and values.

  • 3.1 Communications has consistent look and feel across all modes of communications (including consistent logo, tagline, color, & font)

  • 3.2 Use intentional and effective communication tailored to a specific audience.

  • 3.3 Develop, maintain, and execute an annual communication plan

  • 3.4 Continually update the website and technology for greater ease of use.

Goal 4: Membership

GPACAC will cultivate active members with valuable educational programming while seeking to add new members by 10% each year with an emphasis on secondary, underrepresented and rural populations.

  • 4.1 Cultivate Active Members

    1. Develop a mentorship program

    2. Develop a leadership institute

    3. Develop the online and accessibility of the online job board

    4. Travelling training/professional development sessions

  • 4.2 Reach new professionals and increase new memberships

    1. Have a GPACAC presence at Counselor luncheons

    2. Create partnerships with other related professional organizations

    3. Host Happy Hours for networking opportunities

    4. Enhance website with clear visibility of info for new members.