GPACAC Paul Max Service Scholarship

The 2018 Paul Max Service Scholarship awards one scholarship to a student in the Great Plains each year. The scholarship amount is $1,000. The award is intended to help pay for tuition, housing, fees and/or books. Applicants will be notified of the scholarship decision by mid-April. This scholarship is a one-time scholarship and will be mailed to your post-secondary educational institution of choice.  

Students must meet all the following scholarship requirements listed below:
-be a May/June 2018 high school graduate
-attend high school/homeschool in Nebraska, Kansas, or Oklahoma
-have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 and above (or equivalent)
-have completed a minimum of 100 community service hours from freshman year to date of application

To apply for the 2018 scholarship:
-Complete the 2018 application form
-Upload a resume or activities list
-Upload an original essay on one of the two topics provided (500 word maximum)

Essay Topics

How do you foresee your service experience contributing to the role you will have in your college and campus community ?
Describe a specific community service opportunity or experience in which you have participated, and explain how the experience affected you and impacted your leadership perspective.

-Submit all requested materials by 11:59pm CDT on February 15, 2018 deadline