November 2019

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    The Holidays are Coming!

    With November 1st behind us and the holidays coming up, be sure to take time for a mental health check! What are your tricks for ensuring you stay cool, calm and collected in the midst of November deadlines, daylight savings and upcoming holidays? What ever you do to take care of you...enjoy this time to relax when you can!

    Things to know now...

    • Scholarship Applications are open!
    • Grant Application is available online. Use this to help offset the cost to attend the annual conference or pass it on to a friend! You do not have to be a GPACAC member to apply for a grant to attend the annual conference. 
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    Register Now for the GPACAC + MOACAC Annual Conference!

    Registration is now open! As we know, Generation Z is in our midst. In our roles as high school guidance counselors and college admission professionals, it will be more important than ever to learn, come to know, and engage with the needs and hopes for this new generation as we assist them in navigating their future. So, join us for our Annual Conference this April 2020 in Kansas City. Check out our conference website for more details. #2020inFocus

    Remember, you can apply for grant funding to attend conference!

    Membership Renewal Drive for 2019

    GPACAC offers unique tools and resources to help members stay current on the college admissions landscape. The membership fee is only $15 per calendar year. Renew by December 31, 2019 for the 2020 membership. Renew now!

    Provide Your Expertise

    The Journal of College Admission seeks members willing to interview about the following topics:

    • Information Overload
    • Small town Strengths
    • Parent Leave Landscape
    • Digging into Privilege
    • The IEC's Place


    For more information, visit NACAC's Call for Journal Interviewees. To join the conversation and share your thoughts, email the editor.

    Message from GPACAC President

    "As you all know, there are some big chances that took place at the 2019 NACAC Annual Conference this September. The most impactful being the changes to the CEPP in removing the three sections that the US Department of Justice took issue with. As you navigate these changes in your role, feel free to utilize your GPACAC Executive Board as questions arise or to discuss your thoughts!"

    Keep reading to learn about these changes and new trends in higher education!


    NACAC State of College Admission Report

    Curious about national trends in college admission? Findings include:

    • Growth in application volume continues
    • Average yield rate for first time freshman holds steady
    • Waitlist activity increases
    • Public school counselors responsible for 455 students on average


    Read more here

    Why More Students are Seeking Personal Counseling

    New thoughts and attitudes about mental health may explain increased campus counseling demand

    Read more about this shift needs in an EAB report here.

    Learn how one college campus uses videos to tackle mental health problems here.

    High School Performance Matters Most

    A student's performance in high school remains the primary consideration as colleges review for admission, according to NACAC's 2019 State of College Admission Report. But, what does that include? Learn more here to help educate students and determine what matters most as they apply for admission.