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The Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling (GPACAC) is a tri-state/regional organization serving high school counselors and college admissions professionals in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Dedicated to encouraging, advocating, and facilitating equal access to post-secondary education, GPACAC fosters communication among students, families, and colleges/universities. GPACAC is one of 23 affiliates of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Consistent with our mission, GPACAC is offering three non-renewable $1,000 scholarships for students graduating from high school in May/June 2011. One winner from each GPACAC member state - Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma - will receive the one-time award. The scholarship will be issued to the college or university in which the student has enrolled.

GPACAC 2017 Student Scholarships:
Kansas: Cameron Stussie (Lawrence High School)
Oklahoma: John Troy Hudson (Owasso High School) 
Nebraska: Samantha Luehr (Wood River Rural High School)

GPACAC 2013 Student Scholarships:
Nebraska: Hana Maaiah (Westside High School)
Kansas: Anna Gardiner (Gardner Edgerton High School)   
Oklahoma: Jordan Brown (Edmond Memorial High School)

GPACAC 2012 Student Scholarships:
Nebraska: Pei-Yu Hung (Crete High School)
Kansas: Jordan Todd Wiedemann (Wichita Northwest High School)
Oklahoma: Colby Gibson (Newcastle High School) 

GPACAC 2011 Scholarship Recipients:
Kansas: Michelle Klepper (Ellinwood High School)
Nebraska: Mia Clarissa Matlock (Omaha Central High School)
Oklahoma: Michael Miller (Bartlesville High School)

GPACAC 2010 Scholarship Recipients
Kansas: Ryan Meyers (Olathe South High School)
Oklahoma: Savannah Simon (Yukon High School)

GPACAC 2009 Scholarship Recipients

Nebraska: Neleigh Frandsen (Lincoln Southwest High School)
Oklahoma: Karli Hostetler (Garber High School)
Kansas: Jessica Brown (Shawnee Mission North High School)



Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Governance

The executive board will promote the mission of the organization while fostering the health and growth of GPACAC 

  • 1.1 Develop, maintain and execute a short-term and long-term strategic plan

  • 1.2 Develop, maintain and execute a sustainable and robust leadership board & committee structure.

  • 1.3 On-going quality control to meet our organizational and structural needs.

  • 1.4 Develop, maintain, and execute a fiscally responsible strategic plan.

Goal 2: Access

GPACAC promotes access to success for all students in the transition to postsecondary education.

  • 2.1 Help members and policymakers understand and better serve an increasingly diverse and nontraditional student population.

    1. Providing access and information about the college application process regardless of socioeconomic status, location and school type.

    2. Provide interactive programming (e.g. College Fairs) for students to have more direct access to various colleges and universities

  • 2.2 Engage members, non-members and policymakers on issues relevant to our profession at national and state efforts.

  • 2.3 GPACAC will continuously evaluate and strengthen its current programs while exploring new opportunities to meet the needs of our membership.

    1. Provide programming that is accessible to different regions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma through in-person professional development opportunities as well as online.

Goal 3: Branding

GPACAC will continue to develop a consistent and professional message surrounding our organization’s mission and values.

  • 3.1 Communications has consistent look and feel across all modes of communications (including consistent logo, tagline, color, & font)

  • 3.2 Use intentional and effective communication tailored to a specific audience.

  • 3.3 Develop, maintain, and execute an annual communication plan

  • 3.4 Continually update the website and technology for greater ease of use.

Goal 4: Membership

GPACAC will cultivate active members with valuable educational programming while seeking to add new members by 10% each year with an emphasis on secondary, underrepresented and rural populations.

  • 4.1 Cultivate Active Members

    1. Develop a mentorship program

    2. Develop a leadership institute

    3. Develop the online and accessibility of the online job board

    4. Travelling training/professional development sessions

  • 4.2 Reach new professionals and increase new memberships

    1. Have a GPACAC presence at Counselor luncheons

    2. Create partnerships with other related professional organizations

    3. Host Happy Hours for networking opportunities

    4. Enhance website with clear visibility of info for new members.



GPACAC 2019 Student Scholarships:

GPACAC proudly offers scholarships, annually, to students attending high school in the three GPACAC membership states,
Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  Please see the scholarship links below for more information on each scholarship!

GPACAC Annual Student Scholarship

Paul Max Annual Service Scholarship

High School Counselor Nominated Scholarship

 To view a list of previous scholarship recipients, click here!



Congratulations to the 2019 GPACAC Scholarship Recipients!

In 2019, GPACAC Awarded $7,000 in scholarships to deserving students in the Great Plains region. 
The GPACAC 2019 recipients of our annual student scholarships are:


Counselor Nominated Winners:
Kansas: Sydney Houser, Washburn Rural High School
Nebraska: Shelby Decker, Southern Public Schools
Oklahoma: Steely Jones, Drumright High School
Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Emma Ann Weis, Mercy High School (Nebraska)


Student Scholarship Winners: 
Kansas: Luisa Moreira Junqueira, Smoky Valley High School
Nebraska:  Molly Marie Lambert , Bridgeport Public Schools 
Oklahoma: Akash Guruswamy, Edmond Santa Fe High School

Below is a list of recipients of previous years by year awarded:

2018 Recipients
Counselor Nominated Winners:
Kansas: Lesly Torices (Washburn Rural High School) nominated by Marcie Frederickson
Nebraska: Koralynn Voskamp (Tekamah-Herman Community Schools) nominated by Nishja N. Nuss
Oklahoma: Mallorie Iva Faith Humphreys (Coalgate High School) nominated by Angie West
Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Ann Marie Elizabeth Flusche (Bishop Kelley High School)
Student Scholarship Winners: 
Kansas: Landon Gage Butler (Mill Valley High School)
Nebraska: Rachel Kathleen Phillips (Elkhorn South High School)
Oklahoma: Sophia Nicole Berry (Bishop Kelley High School)
2017 Recipients 
Counselor Nominated Winners:
Kansas: Cameron Stussie (Lawrence High School) nominated by Natalie Konkel
Nebraska: Samantha Luehr (Wood River Rural High School) nominated by Nancy Roberts
Oklahoma: Troy Hudson (Owasso High School) nominated by Melinda Smith
Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Allison Keimig (Maur Hill-Mount Academy)
Student Scholarship Winners: 
Kansas: Aubrie Harris (Kingman-Norwich USD)
Nebraska: Kristen Schmitt (Papillion LaVista High School)
Oklahoma: Juan Trujillo (Ulysses S Grant High School)
2016 Recipients 
Counselor Nominated Winners:
Kansas: Rebecca Reutzel (Washburn Rural High School) nominated by Marcie Frederickson
Nebraska: Gabrielle Roberts (Papillion La Vista High School) nominated by Ann Herbener
Oklahoma: Yaseen Shurbaji (Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics) nominated by Cynthia Brown
Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Emily Malcom (Minden High School)
Student Scholarship Winners: 
Kansas: Ashtyn Rottinghaus (Wellsville High School)
Nebraska: Micah Klassen (South Sioux City High School)
Oklahoma: Matthew Stephens (Rejoice Christian)

2015 Recipients
Kansas Student: Dylan Nicholson (Wallace County High School)
Kansas Counselor: Rebecca Jenkins (Blue Valley Northwest High School) nominated by Rebecca Coker
Nebraska Student: John Pfeifer (Grand Island Central Catholic High School)
Nebraska Counselor: Josie Jastram (Papillion-La Vista High School) nominated by Ann Herbener
Oklahoma Student: Connor White (Muldrow High School)
Oklahoma Counselor: Ana Fernandez Alvarez (Bishop Kelley High School) nominated by Cheryl Sanders
Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Kansas: Garrett Schulte, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School
2014 Recipients 
Nebraska Student: Tia Geter (Mercy High School)
Nebraska Counselor: Elaina Eddy (Burwell Jr. Sr. High School) nominated by Julie Tetschner
Kansas Student: Elizabeth Heath (Dighton High School)
Kansas Counselor: Elizabeth Kuhlmann (Blue Valley Northwest High School) nominated by Becky Hodgson
Oklahoma Student: Nehal Patel (Union High School)
Oklahoma Counselor: Burkely Brining (Bishop Kelley High School) nominated by Cheryl Sanders

Paul Max Community Service Scholarship:
Oklahoma: William Price Valdez, Cascia Hall Preparatory School
2013 Recipients
Nebraska Student: Hana Maaiah, Westside High School
Nebraska Counselor: Colin Frye, Ralston High School
Kansas Student: Anna Gardiner, Gardner Edgerton High School 
Kansas Counselor: Cole Mowrer, Maranatha Christian Academy
Oklahoma Student: Jordan Brown, Edmond Memorial High School
Oklahoma Counselor: Autumn Smith, Holland Hall

2012 GPACAC Scholarship Recipients
Nebraska: Pei-Yu Hung, Crete High School
Kansas: Jordan Todd Wiedemann, Wichita Northwest High School
Oklahoma: Colby Gibson, Newcastle High School

2011 GPACAC Scholarship Recipients: 
Kansas: Michelle Klepper, Ellinwood High School
Nebraska: Mia Clarissa Matlock, Omaha Central High School
Oklahoma: Michael Miller, Bartlesville High School

2010 GPACAC Scholarship Recipients:
Kansas: Ryan Meyers, Olathe South High School
Oklahoma: Savannah Simon, Yukon High School

2009 GPACAC Scholarship Recipients:
Nebraska: Neleigh Frandsen, Lincoln Southwest High School
Oklahoma: Karli Hostetler, Garber High School
Kansas: Jessica Brown, Shawnee Mission North High School


GPACAC Counselor-Nominated Scholarship

GPACAC awards up to three scholarships to students in the Great Plains each year. The scholarship amount is $1,000 per student. The award is intended to help pay for tuition, housing, fees and/or books. Applicants will be notified of the scholarship decision by mid-April. This scholarship is a one-time scholarship and will be mailed to your postsecondary educational institution of choice.  

Counselor Requirements:

-Be an active member of Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling.
-Only nominate one student from their high school each year.
-Submit a maximum of 500 word recommendation on why you have chosen to nominate this student for the GPACAC scholarship.

Students must meet all the following scholarship requirements listed below:

-be a May/June 2019 high school graduate
-attend high school in Nebraska, Kansas, or Oklahoma
-must be planning on attending a 2 or 4 year educational institution, enrolling in the fall following their high school graduation

The scholarship application typically opens up mid-fall and will close in February each academic year.  Please return to this website in the future to access the scholarship application. 



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