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GPACAC Chat Vol. 1


Taking control of the application process

This chat provides ideas for how a school counselor can help a student with their application package during their senior year. Even though many of the items in a students application is set by their senior year (such as GPA and activities). One thing they have control over are their essays and recommendation letters, come see some of Marcie’s tips for success!

Active listening in the role of a college admission counselor

We tend to be extroverted in admissions and sometimes it’s easy to forget the value of good listening skills. “Active listening” can help you develop deeper connections and relationships with students. This chat is a great way to start thinking about how to develop and train new professionals as well as how to help students feel valued in their recruitment process! 

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Scholarship winner thank you

Scholarship Recipient Letter

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind of our jobs - the rec letters, school profiles, applications to process, etc. But at the heart of what we do are the students. Sometimes we need a reminder of how important our work is, and the student below was so kind to send us a letter reminding us of just that. Shelby received one of our student scholarships last year and sent the following letter. What you do makes a difference - for every Shelby at your school. 

Dear Scholarship Donor, 

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