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Dear GPACAC Members,

My name is Kristle Lacy and I am a Senior Executive Admission Counselor at The University of Tulsa. I just completed my 7th travel season and each year I feel like I can approve upon the last. I recruit in central Oklahoma and Broken Arrow High School. My favorite part of travel season is spending time with my admission friends on the road!

Tips for New Admissions Counselors

Travel season can be a grind and I’d like to give a few tips to new admission counselors.

  1. Look for the flag pole if you are having trouble finding the entrance of a high school.

  2. Safety is important! No texting while driving, send your travel itinerary to someone outside of work, and be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Hand sanitizer!!! It’s easy to get sick, especially during your first travel season. I take vitamins, Emergen-C, and drink a lot of water.

  4. Get phone numbers from other admission counselors. If you have trouble finding an event, have a question, or want a lunch buddy, it’ll come in clutch.

  5. Be very detailed with your travel schedule. I put all of my events in my calendar and I put all of the details in the notes. I put the address, contacts, set up times, directions, etc. It’s saved me quite a few times.

Tips for High School Students

College fairs can feel really overwhelming for high school students. When you walk in to a room full of 40+ colleges you don’t always know where to start. The colleges want to help you find the right fit for you!

I have worked close to 200 college fairs, so I have a few tips for high school students that are attending their first college fair.

  1. Meet with the colleges you plan on applying to, but keep an open mind to talk to some others that may not be on your radar.

  2. Grab business cards from the colleges. That will make it easier to follow up with questions.

  3. Stay away from questions like, “How good is your nursing program?”.  The more detailed you can be with your questions, the easier we can answer your questions. Ask about outcomes, class size, special opportunities, campus life, application process, or something you are really looking for at a college.

  4. It’s okay if you only want to pick up information from our table and you don’t have any questions.

  5. College fairs can be fun, but remember to be professional and courteous. The admission counselors you are meeting could very well be the people who will be reading your application and scholarship applications.

Best wishes in 2019,

Kristle Lacy

Member, Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling

Senior Executive Admission Counselor, University of Tulsa 

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