GPACAC Committees | 2016-2017

To view a list of all committee chairs listed below, please view our Leadership Page

Admission Practices
The AP Committee educates the membership on ethical issues involved in college counseling and handles all complaints concerning violations of the Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP). 

Annual Conference
Plans the GPACAC Annual Conference held every April and on a biennial basis works with MOACAC on a shared conference.  The chair is responsible for organizing sub-committees including: Evaluations, Exhibitors, First-Timers, Hospitality, On-Site, Programming, Publications, Registration, Special Events, and Counselor Outreach. 

College Fairs
This committee develops an annual college fair calendar for 5-6 fairs in the member states. Each site chair coordinates the local arrangements for the fair. 

The role of the Publications Chair and his/her committee is to produce the annual publications of the association—newsletters, brochures and conference programs.  GPACAC publishes a newsletter FOCUS, three times a year, which features articles on organizational activities and legislative concerns.  As continues to grow, examples of our publications will be added to the site. If you have any questions about any of our publications, please contact GPACAC.

Government Relations
This committee leads the efforts of GPACAC in influencing public policy as well as keeping all members informed of issues concerning our educational system. 

Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee
The role of the Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee chair and his/her committee is to infuse GPACAC’s human relations mission into all activities of the association.  The Inclusion, Access, and Success Chair serves as the primary communicator, spokesperson and advocate on the issues of diversity, equity, and access, ensuring equal access to post-secondary education opportunities in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

The role of the Membership Chair and his/her committee is to keep an accurate record of the association’s membership.  Full voting membership in GPACAC is extended to admission counselors from colleges/universities and high schools in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.  Associate (non-voting) membership is extended to admission counselors from colleges/universities and high schools located outside of the region.  For a complete description of full voting and associate membership, please refer to the BY LAWS, under Article II, Membership.

Professional Development
The role of the Professional Development Chair and his/her committee is to implement professional development programs and workshops for members and non-members.  The state structure is utilized to coordinate most programs.  The Professional Development Committee is comprised of the State Coordinators.  

The Role of the Technology Chair is to see that the image/identity of GPACAC reaches its entire constituency of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.  The Technology Chair updates the GPACAC website, maintains the e-list, and oversees all social media related to GPACAC.

Governance & Nominating
This committee works closely with the Past-President, finding and representing a slate of officers to be approved at the annual conference.   The committee also solicits nominations and selects yearly award recipients.