What is GPACAC?

Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling, GPACAC (Juh-pack'-ack) n. [slang for the acronym] 1. an organization of professionals dedicated to serving students as they explore options and make choices about post-secondary education 2. a three-state/regional organization serving high school guidance counselors and college admission professionals in the states of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma 3. a group dedicated to encouraging, advocating and facilitating equal access to post-secondary education and fostering communication among college-bound students, families and institutions 4. school professionals committed to maintaining high standards which foster ethical and social responsibility among those involved in the secondary school to college transition process.

GPACAC is one of 23 state and regional affiliates of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, (NACAC). NACAC represents over 8,100 members at secondary and college and university levels of education, 23 state/regional affiliates, and in a variety of organizations and agencies. Through its members, tens of thousands of students and parents are also represented. NACAC is both national and international; secondary school and college members hail from 50 states, U.S. territories, and more than 25 foreign countries.